Is there an App I can use to schedule an oil change?

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Is there an app I can use to schedule an oil change?

It seems like every day life is getting more and more convenient. We can order food delivered from all of our favorite restaurants, talk to our grandmothers virtually over the phone, and pre-order groceries for pickup from our favorite stores. What about conveniently staying on top of maintaining our vehicles? Well, the future is here now! A new and anticipated app called Car Swaddle is available for download now in the Apple Store and Google Play. You will be astonished by how simple and easy it is to use and how fast and affordable their services are.

How does Car Swaddle work?

The business model is similar to other ‘shared economy’ companies like Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb. It contracts jobs out to insured technicians that come to you, change your oil, and leave your car ready for the road for the next several thousand miles. Scheduling a visit is as simple as downloading it from either App Store or Google Play, choosing a time for a technician to come to your location, then handing the keys over for speedy work. After the job is finished, they will return the keys, and you can leave them a rating. Ratings are especially useful because it keeps everyone up to a high standard of work. 

How much does the service cost?

The price of the service depends on which vehicle you have, how far away you are from a technician, and whether or not you opt for full synthetic, part synthetic, or a conventional oil change. On average, customers pay somewhere between 45 and 85 dollars. Definitely comparable to other drive-in shops. Also, there are constantly deals and discounts going on, so look out for those, they will save you a percentage of the service. Remember that in the long run, synthetic oil saves you money because it lasts up to 8000 miles before draining and replacing is necessary again.  

Isn’t it better to just drive somewhere for an oil change?

Seriously, old habits die hard. It was hard for me to imagine doing things differently, but now is the time to rethink where we take our business. Why would anyone with children want to wait in a tiny lobby as they devour smelly popcorn that many different people have dipped their who-knows-where-they-have-been hands inside, sometimes for seconds or thirds. Not to mention the magazines and the remote control that everyone has used. Who wants to touch those things not knowing where they have been. It’s getting harder and harder these days to ‘trust the Midas touch.’

To make matters worse, waiting for everything to be finished takes an eternity because several people came in before you. The others waiting in the lobby with you are not very friendly, but who can blame them? They are just as uncomfortable as you are feeling stressed about handling their children and waiting forever for their keys to be returned only to be upsold for more service and fed anxiety about what else could be wrong with their vehicle. 

Where do I download Car Swaddle?

Life can be so much easier. Download Car Swaddle in the App Store or in Google Play. Click here to download. Then, schedule a time on your phone, let a technician come to you, save you an hour or more, all while you can work or take the children somewhere that they can play and enjoy. They could even come to your vehicle while you grocery shop, clean your home, eat at a restaurant, or just because you are trying to beat the next level on your favorite video game. So convenient and such a freedom. Why not make your life easier and just schedule an appointment through Car Swaddle now?


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