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Car Swaddle – Oil Change in Lehi, Ut and Utah County

We found a way to offer the simplest way to do an oil change. Our mechanics make house calls! Yes, they come to you! The easiest oil change in Lehi, UT

It is not only an oil change, it is not only about car maintenance, it is not about low prices, it is about YOU. Car Swaddle was developed with the idea of giving time back to you.

Remember that last oil change? Remember how much time you spent on the road, in line, and then sitting down until your phone battery was almost dead? Your most valuable resource, time, cannot be returned, however, you can and will do better next time! Get today Car Swaddle on your phone and use the extra few hours of your day to do something meaningful. Upon downloading the app, you will be able to see a list of available mechanics that cover your region. Select your preferred location (your garage or driveway, your street or even your job location) and then select a time based on your availability. Now, relax. Our mechanic will be on time, bring your choice of engine lubricant, perform the service while you do whatever you want with your precious time.

Our technicians are trained and insured to guarantee your safety. Safety is important to us just as much as it is to you. We want to make sure your family is taken care of just like we take care of ours. We are the FIRST and ONLY company that delivers oil changes in a mobile fashion. Check some of other services we bring to you. Our popularity is increasing by day as most of our customers talk about our services to their friends and masses of new customer join the Car Swaddle family. You may be here for the first time or perhaps you are one of the many returning customers. If you are here to leave us an awesome review, please click here.

We offer many services in your region. (Lehi, South Jordan, Herriman, American Fork and so on). For more information, check this page in our website. We perform car maintenance, check fluids, tire pressure and other services that will make you feel comfortable on your next trip.

We are really pleased with all of our customers that have been referring Car Swaddle to their friends and of course, they are being rewarded whenever that happens. Yes, YOU are being rewarded. Our Loyalty Customer program provides discounts for the next car maintenances whenever a friend of yours joins Car Swaddle. That’s our way to say THANK YOU.

We are asked quite often about the difference between the engine oil your vehicle needs and what’s best for it. If you are curious about the differences between these lubricants, please check our blog.

Synthetic vs Conventional

You are probably curious right now about the difference between these two crude petroleum byproducts.
Before we get into the difference, let’s first understand how important it is to regularly service your automobile.
Every year, thousands of engines become recycle material because of improper maintenance. Changing your oil frequently will drastically increase the life spam of your engine and it will save you money in many ways. The engine lubricant works great for an average of 3 to 7.5 thousand miles (these values may change significantly depending on the product type used). Any mile beyond this threshold will cause unnecessary stress to your engine. Any manufacturer will strongly recommend regular car maintenance. The more you drive your car; the more dirt and metal particles will mix with the engine oil. This will increase viscosity; in other words, the lubricant will become thicker. This increases friction which in turn will generate more heat. These two factors contribute immensely for the life of your engine. Normal tasks will seem more difficult to perform as they will require more power. Engine wear will increase rapidly, and you will notice a monetary impact as well as your gas mileage will be affected. This is such a serious concern that the engine light will come up in many different vehicles and it won’t turn off until maintenance is done.

If your car could talk to you, it would say it feels heavier and sluggish. You love your car and you decide to schedule an appointment through Car Swaddle, and it is time to choose if you want Synthetic or Conventional. It is important for us that you only use the best kind of product in your car. The difference in price is not that great either. Conventional lubricants are refined straight from crude oil and they gather a lot more residues than Synthetic lubricants. They provide the necessary lubrication but do not provide better performance and/or gas mileage. Synthetic options are
more refined, they often have added lubricants to make sure the engine components are moving smoothly and with very little friction. On top of that, their molecules are aligned in such a way to improve lubrication at microscopic levels. They last much longer and preserve your engine in ways
conventional cannot. Any mechanic would always suggest Synthetic, but it is your decision. If you are fine having to do oil changes more often or if you’d rather not have to worry about it for a long time. Both options are available from our app. Our customers generally opt for Synthetic products and they are very satisfied with our services. We frequently hear from our customers about how easy it is to do an oil job with Car Swaddle. They are also impressed as our prices are very competitive even though we bring the mechanic to you wherever you are. Car maintenance could not be easier. For more useful information, visit our blog.