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Oil Changes in Lehi, Ut and Utah County

Oil changes may seem like an easy, simple job. A lot of our customers used to do it themselves until they came across Car Swaddle.

We bring the car maintenance to you. To ensure quality and speed, our technicians are trained and require at least 2 years of experience doing changes and mechanical work.

As soon as we arrive at your desired location, our mechanic will confirm the oil type he brought is correct, Typically by checking the engine oil cap upon opening the hood or the owner’s manual that come with your vehicle. Following that, he will also confirm the filter is the correct one.

Once every thing checks, it is time to get to work. We avoid using lifts/jacks. The common approach uses little ramps to puit the car on specifically to perform the maintenance. Following that, we will bring a rug to place the disposal bucket on and avoid any spills on your driveway. Only then will loosen the oil bolt to drain the old engine lubricant. It takes a few minutes for it to drain completely.

Following the draining, our technician will locate the filter and carefully remove it to avoid spilling. Some filters are located on top of the engine, some of them are by the carter. Either way, we will located it and remove it. Depending on the type of component, it may be required to simply replace the inner filter along with a sealing band. Most commonly, the entire component is replaced. Prior to attaching the new part, the mechanic will fill it the new lubricant. Now we are ready. New part is in place. Time to add engine-oil into the motor. We make sure to check what the oil capacity is so we put just the right amount in your vehicle. Upon completing this portion of the service, our mechanic will turn the engine on and will let it run for a few minutes. We are close to finalizing the service. We will then check the oil level and confirm it is all good. The last step is to reset the maintenance light in your car.

Now, you can have your keys back! The city of Lehi loves our oil changes.