Car Swaddle Partner Program

What is Car Swaddle? Car Swaddle is a company that connects the mechanic to the client. As opposed to the old traditional approach in which customer would have to go to a shop or store, wait in line for a long time and then have an oil change, Car Swaddle opted to bringing the mechanic to the customers upon demand. Now the mechanic comes to you at your desired location and at the time you want the service done. All those who use Car Swaddle often choose the comfort of their homes as location for their car maintenance. Many others request our services at parking lots where they work. For us, what matters most is to bring the comfort and convenience to you. Going to the shop for an oil change is something of the past. Car Swaddle is the new way of doing oil changes.

Due to the overall success of our business model, Car Swaddle started partnering with companies in Utah to offer our services as a company perk. There are many advantages that we can offer your company should you be interested in working with us. Among the many benefits Car Swaddle brings to its customers, we often hear about increased employee satisfaction and loyalty. We know how hard it is to find the right employee and how much the company is impacted when someone leaves. Upon considering all these factors, it is easy to realize we must show our employees how much we value them and that we want them to be happy. Car Swaddle offers a great perk to increase employee satisfaction. 

Car Swaddle Perks

Several companies in Utah have partnered with us already and you can be the next one. Car Swaddle has 3 different bundles. Our basic bundle includes 30 oil changes. We only work with Fully Synthetic oil (it lasts longer and it is better for the engines). The Standard Bundle includes 100 oil changes a month. The enterprise Bundle offers 200+ oil changes a month. We know that one of the bundles will be perfect for your company. If you are interested in knowing more about what we can offer you, setup a time to talk to one of our representatives. Click on the link below:

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How does it work?

Most appointments are scheduled through the Car Swaddle App. Your employees will need to download the app and utilize the coupon code for your company. We can provide a link for that so they have the easiest experience possible. Through the app they will be able to chose the location of the appointment and what day and time works best for them to have their car serviced. The visit will be free of charge for your employee. They will have a great experience.

How do I partner with Car Swaddle?

If you are interested in offering perks to your employees, please reach out!


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