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The oil change that comes to you.

It’s not only an oil change. It’s not about the vehicle maintenance. It’s not about the affordable prices. It’s about YOU. Car Swaddle was developed to give time back to your day. Remember the last time you sat at the repair shop for an oil change? Remember the time it took to get there and then waiting until your phone was almost dead? Now you can get your vehicle serviced with convenience and ease. Download Car Swaddle on your phone now and put a few extra hours back in your week.

When you download the App, you will see a list of available mechanics that service your region. Select your preferred location (that could be your garage, driveway, your street or even your job.) Next select a time based on your schedule. Now, relax. Our mechanic will be on time, bring your choice of engine oil, and perform the service while you do whatever you want with your time. 

It’s just too easy.

We know how it is. We created our app with you in mind. Those who don’t want to chase the kids around the lobby while you wait way longer for your oil change than you expected, this is for you. And one of the best parts is that our mechanics take care of you on every front. They are trained professionals who are individually interviewed and hand selected to care for your vehicle. Your safety is our priority as we only send the best of the best to complete your car maintenance.

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Who is my mechanic?

At Car Swaddle, we evaluate each mechanic in detail. We meet in person and hand select every mechanic who will be performing your oil changes. Each mechanic is trained and insured.

Through the Car Swaddle app you can select your own mechanic based off of the mechanic’s number of auto services performed, customer reviews and customer ratings.

Car Swaddle keeps you safe at home and on the roads.

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Client Testimonials

“Jonas was great! He was super friendly and seemed very knowledgeable. He took care of my car quickly and explained everything he did once he was done.”


“I had the guys from Car Swaddle out today to do oil changes on 3 of our cars. They were very friendly and very efficient. It was so convenient to schedule on the app and they were right on time. I’ll be using these guys from now on.”


“I have had two different Car Swaddle mechanics at my home to change the oil It is a great experience every time. So much easier than chasing my kids around the dealership. Glad there is a service like this!”


How do I become a mechanic with Car Swaddle?

If you are interested in becoming an oil change specialist with Car Swaddle, we want to talk to you! It’s simple.


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